Self Love

Accept Yourself The Way You Are

I feel very bad when I see someone upset about their looks, size, color, height, weight and so on. If you ask them about it, they would say no one likes me this way and I have to look certain way, shape or size so that everyone would love me and I will be the happiest one on this planet.

I always say to them that this is just your delusion. Irrespective of what you do, not everyone would like you. If you fix one problem they would point at another and so this expectation and acceptation cycle never ends. It keeps going on. If you want to do something for yourself or for the sake of your own happiness then it’s good and should be appreciated but never do something to get validation from others.

If we don’t know how to love our own self then how can we accept others to do that. Remember the way you treat yourself which is the way others will treat you. If you want to earn respect then try to respect your own self and your own choices. We all are beautiful creations of God and carry our own unique identity so no one including our parents has the right to treat us wrong based on our qualities or physique. If someone doesn’t accept you the way you are then they would never ever accept you.

So remember to love yourself and flaunt all your flaws. Be unique and accept yourself the way you are.

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