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Promote Books For Instant PayPal Affiliate Commissions

Team Creative Ritu is proud to announce launch of its own affiliate program where anyone can promote books by Ritu Dubey and get paid 50% commissions instantly to their PayPal account.

How It Works?

Simply follow our instructions below to get your affiliate links for different books. Promote one book or all books with your own affiliate link and any read online or physical copy sale from CreativeRitu.com that comes with traffic from your affiliate link will get you 50% affiliate commissions which means every second sale from your traffic will directly be paid to your PayPal account.

So for example, if I am promoting my affiliate link abc.com for affiliate marketing guide by Ritu Dubey and total 100 people visited my affiliate link abc.com and 6 decided to purchase either read online or physical copy of Ritu Dubey affiliate marketing guide then 1st sale payment went to Team Creative Ritu Paypal account and second sale payment came to my PayPal account and similarly the 3rd sale payment went to Team Creative Ritu PayPal account and the 4th sale came to my PayPal account and so on for 5th and 6th sale respectively. So with 50% commissions, it means sale payment for every second or alternate sale that happens with my affiliate traffic will be paid directly to my PayPal account.

Great So How Do I Get Started?

Its simple. You just need 2 things to get started. You need to sign up for a PayPal.com account for getting paid (please ensure you complete the KYC to receive INR payments into your PayPal account) and SendMeSale.com affiliate account in INR currency so that you can track clicks to your affiliate links and sales that happens to it.

Signing up for both is simple. Visit PayPal.com to sign up for a PayPal account and complete KYC to receive INR payments. If you already have a PayPal account, simply complete the KYC process to get paid in INR online. Then visit SendMeSale.com and register for an affiliate account and select INR currency as account currency. Use a username which is small and attractive as it will be part of your affiliate link.

Once you are ready with both accounts, simply replace your SendMeSale.com username in below affiliate links to promote your choice of book and get paid every second sale payment to your own PayPal account. You can promote your affiliate link on Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp groups or on your blog or site (if any). You can promote your affiliate link in your shop or emails as well. Log in to your SendMeSale.com affiliate account which keeps track of all the clicks and sales happening with clicks on your affiliate link.

Affiliate Links For Ritu Dubey Books

Below are the affiliate links for Ritu Dubey books. You can promote one affiliate link or all. Just don’t forget to replace “SMS” in the below affiliate links with your own SendMeSale.com username.

Promote Meri Pehchaan By Ritu Dubey:

Promote I Never Had A Love Story By Ritu Dubey:


Promote Affiliate Marketing Guide By Ritu Dubey:

Please include https:// in front of the above affiliate links and don’t forget to replace “SMS” in it with your SendMeSale.com username.

Questions? Need Help?

For any help related to our affiliate program, feel free to email us at support@creativeritu.com anytime and one of our affiliate support managers will be glad to help you asap.

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