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Almond Milk Benefits

Since the weight loss industry started growing up there are certain products which gained fame not because they help you lose weight but they are actually good for your overall health.

Whether you are lactose intolerant or support vegan food like me to stop animal cruelty then you are at the right place. Recently I switched my diet completely dairy free, I won’t say that I would never include dairy again but yes I can say I have found a better alternative than milk which not only goes easy on my stomach but has endless health benefits. So, you all guessed it right it’s nine other than Almond milk and no doubt it tastes yum too.

As the name suggests Almond milk is made from almonds only. I will write a different post on how to make Almond milk but right now let’s stick to it’s benefits.

  1. First thing first it is very low in calories- This is the major reason why many people prefer almond milk over cow’s milk is that it is very low in calories as compared to cow’s milk. People who are willing to cut down their calories should surely try this. One cup of almond milk contains only 50 calories while full fat cow milk contains 150 calories which means you can easily save 100 calories with each cup. Just keep in mind that there are many brands that sell sweetened almond milk which is high in calories as it has added sugar in it.
  2. Good source of calcium- So many of you must be concerned then what about our calcium intake. Let me tell you that it is also a good source of calcium. Calcium is an important mineral for maintaining healthy bones and that we can only fulfill our calcium intake through a diary which is not completely wrong but now manufacturers add additional calcium to it so that you don’t miss your calcium but it’s far too low as compared to cow’s milk.
  3. Lactose free- There are many people around us who are lactose intolerant as they cannot digest lactose found in milk so usually they are suggested to switch to almond milk as it is naturally lactose free.
  4. Vegan – As it is dairy free so it is vegan, so it’s a big yes for all of you who want to be vegan.
  5. Good source of Vitamin E- As we all know almonds are a good source of vitamin E naturally. Vitamin E has great health benefits and is also a great antioxidant that helps us to fight infection and keeps stress away.

So by this time I believe we all know how good almond milk is for our health and using it as an alternative to dairy would be great.

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