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Best Ways To Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, we all look for easy and quick fixes so that we can just get rid of all that excess weight as soon as we can. But, we always forget to look at the bigger picture of how to maintain that weight loss. Losing weight is easy but keeping it off is far more difficult. But as you have asked I would surely give you the best tips to lose weight.

Tips to lose weight:

1)Never skip your breakfast-

 We all know that breakfast is the first meal of the day and we should never ever skip it, rather we should have a good breakfast to keep us going throughout the day. When you skip your breakfast you get way too hungry by lunchtime and you end up eating anything that is easily available and mostly junk foods which spoils the whole weight loss process. So, before you leave your house make sure that you eat a healthy and a fulfilling breakfast so that you don’t binge eat. If you eat a good breakfast you get a boost in your metabolism as you eat after fasting for almost 10-12 hours so never ever skip your breakfast. Though there is an exception to it, in case if you work late at night and wake up late in the morning then have your breakfast late or you can start your day with a brunch. Don’t add one more meal as now you don’t have to get your breakfast.

2)Eat regular meals-

People who ask you to starve are the ones who really underestimate fitness and if you are starving yourself then you are doing more damage than good. Eating regular and frequent meals not only stops you from binge eating or craving junk food but also helps to keep your metabolism up and running. If you eat regular meals you feel full and so your cravings get reduced automatically. So, choose your food wisely and try eating smaller and frequent meals to see a change not only in your weight but also in your overall health for good. 

3)Keep yourself hydrated-

Water doesn’t only quench your thirst, it plays a major role in the overall fitness of your body. Water is an underestimated drink and is mainly ignored by many of us. Our human body is made up of 70% water and that is why it is very much needed to carry on our daily functions. So, to cut the story short we need to drink enough water everyday. Now as I already said we need to hydrate ourselves so along with water you can also add coconut water and lemon water as well. It is recommended that an average person should drink 4-5 litres of water everyday but in case you are working out heavily or you sweat a lot due to your work commitments then increase your water or liquid intake accordingly. Water not only keeps your body functions up and running, it also helps to clean out toxins from our body. Alongwith that it also helps us to control our cravings too. So, next time before grabbing your meal first drink a glass of water.

4)Stay Active as much as you can-

While everyone talks so much about exercise and how an hour of exercise can do wonders to our body. I have one more thing to add, it’s good that you workout 4-5 times a week but you should also stay physically active as well. Physically active means getting up every one hour from your workstation and walking for 2-5 mins. Walking post dinner and trying to walk at least 10k steps daily. People who are obese can’t do very intense workout but they can start their fitness routine with walking or jogging and with time they can add some workouts too.

5)Rest is very much necessary-

Eating right, hydrating well and exercising are the key to fitness but one thing you should never forget about is Rest. Your everyday activity depends on how well you rested last night and when you rest well you perform well. That is why exercising 4-5 times a week is good and two days of rest is important as your body recovers well and you get to see better results.

6)Consistency is the key-

All above mentioned points are very much important but you know what’s important, it is consistency. Whatever you pick, make sure you follow it religiously at least for 3 months to notice the change in your body.

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