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Ritu Dubey has 3 books published till now. She has decided to work with Notion Press book publishers to publish all her books so far and in the future as well. Ritu Dubey believes in making a real impact with her writing and hence she wishes to keep the publishing process under her own rules and control. She is thankful to Notion Press book publishers for providing the required infrastructure, tools and support in her writing journey.

So the first published book is a poem collection in Hindi which speaks about women and its role in the society. With poems, she has urged the society to discard the century old differences between men and women while describing the journey of an Indian women.

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The second published book is in English which is a story of a girl who was emotionally crushed in a relationship yet managed to turn her depressed life into a happy life. Using this story, Ritu Dubey tries to motivate all the depressed people in the world that there is a lot more in life than a failed relationship or a bad phase of life.

Read more about this book & to get a free copy, visit www.creativeritu.com/i-never-had-a-love-story

The third published book is in English and regarding a method to make money online. The book is called Affiliate Marketing Guide which teaches you everything you need to know to start your own affiliate marketing business and part time or full time income.

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Apart from these 3 published books, she is in the process to publish more books in future. Follow her on social media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) to stay updated with her upcoming books.

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