Diet & workout, both plays an important role in keeping you fit & healthy. The secret to staying happy and looking beautiful is to ensure your body is getting proper nutrition with your diet and you are staying physically active. Let an expert help you with your diet & workout, all at home!

Ritu Dubey, an Internationally certified nutritionist, and ACE & Yoga Alliance USA certified trainer, who has helped a lot of people lose weight, look good and stay healthy with just simple diet changes & small regular workouts is now on a mission to help ladies all over the world do the same. You can avail her fitness services in 2 ways.

Join Ritu Ma’am At BeFitYou

Ritu ma’am has joined forces with world’s first women only fitness platform BeFitYou to help females of any age lose weight, look good and stay fit for life. And the best part is, you can do it all at home and the right way. So join BeFitYou today and get diet plan and workout plan directly by Ritu ma’am. Depending upon the membership plan you select, you will get diet plan and you can have workout video links to workout from OR join Ritu ma’am group or personal one on one workout or yoga sessions. All members start with a small trial plan for Just ₹299 (Indian Residents) / $4.99 (Rest Of The World Residents) at BeFitYou because we know that once you start your diet and workout plan, you are going to love seeing good changes in your body and then you’re going to be a member for life. We believe in results and not just big talk. Join today and see for yourself 🙂

Join BeFitYou Today

If you have any questions before or after joining BeFitYou, feel free to email and we will get back to you asap. Please note that once you visit our website and then join BeFitYou, you are automatically tagged under Ritu ma’am for diet and workout plan. In case you are assigned someone else on BeFitYou, please email us your BeFitYou username and we will get you tagged to Ritu ma’am by contacting BeFitYou team.

Book Services Directly

If you do not want to join BeFitYou or if you only want diet plan or only want to book 1 on 1/group workout or yoga sessions with Ritu ma’am, you can do so by booking directly. Women only services we directly provide:

  • Personalized Diet Plan
  • 1 on 1 Workout Sessions
  • 1 On 1 Yoga Sessions
  • Group Workout Sessions
  • Group Yoga Sessions
  • WhatsApp/Skype Consultation

To book any of the above services by Ritu ma’am, please contact us or email us at

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