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Diet For Weight Loss

People often wonder and ask google for a promising diet which will help them lose weight as fast as possible. So, to answer all your diet questions I have created a diet not keeping weight loss in mind but also keeping healthy food as a priority. Always remember diet is not only responsible for weight loss exercise and rest is important too. 


Upma, Savory Oats, Savory Dalia, Millet Idli, Multigrain Dosa, Dhokla especially homemade ones, Poha, Sandwich with lots of vegetables without cheese and extra butter and prefer multi grain bread or home baked ones are excellent.


 Small bowl of cooked rice (white or brown) or 2 chapatis made of different flour like jowar, bajra, millet, ragi, besan with dal, mixed dal, vegetable curry, kadhi, khichdi, along with raita and salad.

Evening snacks- 

Roasted peanuts chikki, handful of roasted makhana, soaked dry fruits, fresh juice of any fruit or vegetable along with tea/green tea/coffee.


 Or 2 chapati with dal or any vegetable curry/ Dosa with chutney sambar/ Sambar rice/ rasam rice.

I have given many options out there so that you can choose what you feel you like to eat and it goes well with your stomach. Many of us are allergic to certain food items, dairy products and various food groups so we should surely avoid those or else if you can go for this diet it will not only cut back your extra fat but will also help you achieve a good metabolic rate and energetic body.

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