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Lose Weight With Fat Loss Diet Plan

Are you looking for a weight loss diet plan? Lose the fat and not just the weight because that’s what matters and that is what will make you look good as well as make you look good. Try Nutritionist Ritu Dubey one week trial Fat Loss Diet Plan below and see the results for yourself. Feel free to get a customized diet plan by Nutritionist Ritu Dubey if you wish to continue with a healthy fat loss diet.


Breakfast – 1 bowl of poha with lots of vegetables 

Mid morning – Soaked dry fruits with a cup of green tea

Lunch – A bowl of dal with vegetables and roti along with salad

Evening snack – Roasted Makhane (Foxnuts)

Dinner – Curd rice


Breakfast – 1 cauliflower stuffed roti with curd

Mid morning – 1 banana

Lunch – Rajma rice

Evening snack – Roasted peanuts

Dinner – Multigrain wrap


Breakfast – Dhokla

Mid morning snack – Chaach (Buttermilk)

Lunch – Vegetables pulao with curd

Evening snack – Bhelpuri (Homemade)

Dinner – Vegetables curry along with roti


Breakfast – Idli with chutney and sambar

Mid morning snack – Soaked dry fruits 

Lunch – Kadhi chawal 

Evening snack – Sprouts chaat

Dinner – Khichdi with curd


Breakfast – Beetroot stuffed chapati with curd

Mid morning snack – Soaked dry fruits 

Lunch – Black chana curry with roti

Evening snack – Roasted chana

Dinner – Mixed dal and grilled vegetables 


Breakfast – Veg sandwich 

Mid morning snack – Soaked Dry fruits

Lunch – Soya bean nuggets curry with roti and salad

Evening snack – Black til with jaggery laddoo

Dinner – Grilled vegetables 


It’s a fun (cheat) day so eat accordingly but look after your portion sizes.

Please note: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients which are used in above diet plan or suffering from any health issues, please do not follow the above diet & get a customized diet plan made by Nutritionist Ritu Dubey.

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