Ritu Dubey

Get Online Today To Build Your Name And Brand

No matter what you are doing right now in your life, you need an online presence. If for nothing then at least to give your name an identity online. With social media getting overcrowded everyday, its the perfect time to get yourself your own domain name, a personal email address and a website. And its easy with us.

But before we get to the details on how you can get your online domain name and website, let me ask you a few questions:

Do you sell anything?

Do you offer any services?

Do you wish to make money online?

Do you wish to make your own name and brand?

Do you wish to have your website as your CV?

Do you need a website for any occasion?

Do you need your own personal email @yourdomain.com?

If you answer yes to any question then read further as you need your own domain name and website ASAP. And we are here to help you get that.

For a limited period, we are offering the following to you for a one time low cost to help you get your domain name and website.

-> Your own personal top level domain name (.com or .net or .in)

-> Your own website like this one with a standard custom logo and 3 pages to start with – home, about and contact us.

-> Free branded set up of a Facebook page, an Instagram profile & a Twitter profile with custom profile covers designed for you.

-> Free search engine optimization for better Google rankings.

-> Set up to use your free Gmail account as contact@yourdomain.com without any cost for buying Google Apps business account.

-> One year FREE web hosting, afterwards you can keep your website live by paying a direct yearly fee to the hosting provider and by renewing your domain name every year for a nominal fee OR you can hire us to take care of this for you.

-> One month unlimited email support to help you manage your website and to grow it further.

So within one month, you will learn on how to use your website for whatever purpose you need it for. For example, use it to provide information to others looking for your business on Internet or use it as your online CV/Bio-data or use it as a way to build your own brand online and then learn how to monetize it. You can do a lot of things with your own website which we will discuss.

So how much this all costs?

Companies and services are charging close to $5,000 a year for this kind of setup and consultation. However, Ritu Dubey wishes to keep the cost of this service within reach of all so for a limited period of time, its going to cost you only ₹99,999 ₹35,000 (approx $499) one time.

And in her mission to help women become stronger, Ritu Dubey offers a special 50% discount for women opting for this service. So if you are a women, this is going to cost you just ₹49999 ₹17500 (approx $249)!

Hurry all this is for a limited period of time. We cannot offer this same service to many people at this cost. The price is going to increase by at least 50% very soon so click on the button below to secure your spot today.

But there is a catch. We cannot afford to offer this service for so cheap to people that do not need it or are not serious enough to take their website further. And hence there is a one time non refundable email consultation fees of ₹99 (approx $1.5) with our team member to discuss your needs and see if you really need a website and how it can help you. If we come to a conclusion that you seriously need this service and a website then we will send you the final payment link.

Click Here To Pay INR 99 And Schedule Your Email Consultation Today

After you complete the payment, you will receive an email with further details on what to do.

Please note that due to the nature of the service we are offering, there are no refunds possible. By purchasing this service, you agree that you won’t be seeking a refund in future and you are committed to get your own website up and running. However, if after one year you think the website is not helping you, you can just leave it and you need not pay any further yearly hosting or domain renewal fees.

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