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Healing Yourself From An Emotional Trauma

Last evening while chopping vegetables I got a cut on my finger and it started bleeding. My 5 year old daughter saw this and ran to get the first aid box and applied a band aid to my finger and said don’t worry it will be fine. I was shocked to see that even a 5 year old knows how to deal with physical injuries and take care of it. I am glad that she cares about me but at the same time I thought am I the one who is teaching her just to take care of physical health, shouldn’t I teach her about emotional well being as well.

We should treat our emotional health exactly the same way we take care of our physical self. It’s you who has to realize what hurts you and should not put yourself in that situation again. Emotions are something we don’t have much control over but at least we can address it and treat it accordingly.

If there is something you can’t take care of then its good to seek help from a medical professional like a psychiatrist or therapist. We actually cannot make it out how much damaged we are internally until and unless we talk about it and best part about these professionals is that they won’t judge you for anything.

I have seen people getting into so much darkness that they end their own life but I just want to tell you, we all have got one life and we should make use of it as much as we can and “suicide is not the answer”. So reach to someone if you are really in some sort of emotional pain and look for their help. There is no harm doing this and trust me with time you will get better.

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