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How Can I lose 5 kgs in 5 days?

So, you suddenly get to know that you have a family function to attend, a cousin’s marriage to go to, an office event or that holiday which just happen to be next week and all you want is to fit in that dress of yours which is still your favorite but it doesn’t fit or maybe there is a dress on your mind that you want to wear and flaunt your waist but right now your waist size doesn’t need to be flaunted and so here you are searching google how to lose 5 kgs in 5 days so that you can at least wear that favorite dress of yours and make others jealous of you.


This is not right and any one promising you for such a kind of weight loss is only making things worse for you and your health. If you do lose some weight by starving yourself or by doing some crazy diets, trust me it will come back in a much short span of time and along with that it will also slow down your metabolism. Losing ½ to 1 kg a week is good and is also healthy weight loss but anything above that is just not healthy for your body and remember if you can’t continue a habit forever then why even indulge in it. It’s good to be in shape but what’s most important is that you should be in good health and for that you really need to make true and long term changes in your lifestyle.

If you are planning to improve your lifestyle by eating healthy then our nutritionist Ritu Dubey can help you with that. She would create a customized diet just for you according to your body needs and keeping your health conditions in mind. You can also workout with her virtually either taking one on one sessions or join her in her group classes. Motivation and proper guidance always helps.

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