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How Much Cardio Do I Need To Do To Lose Weight Fast?

Whenever we hear the word cardio the very first thing that comes to our mind is running all those miles drenching in sweat. Cardiovascular exercise is also called aerobic exercise which means doing physical activity with oxygen.

Forms of cardio exercises are running, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing or any form of fitness workouts. They mainly target all major groups, require breathing and keep your heart rate up. Mainly the amount of cardio depends on your age, weight, diet, daily activity level and weight too.

How cardio helps in weight loss?

In order to lose weight there are many things to keep in mind. First and foremost be practical, secondly be realistic. If you want to lose any amount of weight you need to create a calorie deficit. Calorie deficit means that the number of calories that you consume needs to be less than the amount of calories you burn. Once you understand the calorie deficit you need to work on a workout game. Create a workout regime which has cardio, strength training and a good stretching too. In order to lose weight you need to work on all of the above then only you get the desired results.

Remember with age your body metabolism and calories burning capacity decreases. Along with age there are many other factors too which need to be considered.

  • Age – It is always a good idea to start training in your early years because once you start to age your body’s ability to burn fat decreases.
  • Gender – As we all know men burn more calories than females and this is how it works.
  • Intensity of workout – In order to burn some extra calories you need to increase the intensity of your workouts. In the long run working smarter means a short and high intensity workout than working harder for longer hours.
  • Your Daily Physical Activity – Your body’s way of burning calories also depends on how active you are throughout the day. If you tend to be more physically active then you end up burning more calories than others.
  • Body Composition – If you have a good amount of muscle mass then you burn more calories than someone with a higher fat percentage.
  • Weight – If you are heavy you lose more calories than the one who is already lean.

Which Cardio Exercises are Great for Weight loss?

If you train smartly and include all types of exercises along with a good amount of yeast and a balanced meal then you lose a good amount of weight. If you want to stick to a cardio routine for weight loss then pick something you enjoy and you can invest 30-60 mins everyday. Creating a good routine would help you achieve great goals and keep you in shape in the long run. Don’t pick workouts only keeping in mind the weight loss factor. You need to create a routine which you can follow conveniently, can work in the long run and you can do consistently.

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