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How Much Exercise Is Necessary For Weight Loss?

People who desperately want to lose weight believe that overexercising would solve all their problems but it is not like that. While exercising is very good for health and one should always include some in their daily routine, on the other hand overexercising is not a good idea. It does not only take away all the energy out of your body, it also impacts your overall fitness.

When you exercise daily for 5 times a week like for an hour or two including warm up and cool down it is considered good and healthy for your body. You should also take enough rest so that your muscles get enough time to recover and you also get enough rest so that your body can get all of its energy back.

Exercising isn’t a way of punishing your body just because you are overweight or obese. Exercise should be done as a token of love and to show yourself how much you care about yourself. It’s not a way to torture yourself just because you ate a heavy dinner or you had a cheat day. Your body should be loved each and everyday irrespective of its size, type and colour.

So, when people ask me how much workout I should do in a day? My answer to them is as long as you enjoy just don’t have to torture yourself. Don’t overdo anything, start with something that you enjoy and proceed accordingly. 

To start with you can start anywhere between half an hour to 45 mins and once you get comfortable doing it you can increase your time and intensity. You can never ever overtrain a bad diet so in order to lose weight focus on both the things accordingly like eat right and workout wisely.

So, next time when you ask someone how much workout is needed then ask yourself how long do I need to workout.

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