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Be Healthy & Stay Healthy

We all want to look attractive but due to our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits we easily gain weight and as the scale goes up our confidence goes down. So usually when someone talks to us about looking good or getting back in shape we prefer to go to gym and start working out. Taking a gym membership is the best thing we could think of but is this the ultimate solution? 

I have seen people working out a lot and here a lot means really a lot like forcing to the extreme. Now, let’s get straight to the point here. I have been on the higher side of scale and I know how it feels when every other person talks to you only about your body size and how you look. I know that is pathetic and seriously no one wants to discuss it and at that point of time the only thing that matters is to loose all this extra weight at any cost. At any cost precisely means you just want to do it regardless of your health issues, emotional pain, nutritional requirements and for that matter let’s say anything. 

Going to the gym looking at all those bodybuilders and athletes gives you a feeling if they can do it so can you and you straight away jump onto the treadmill and try running a marathon to win this battle of weight loss. Now let me correct you here. What you see today is not something that happened overnight or not in a month. This is something that has happened over years and it takes lots of dedication and consistency. 

I am not against any fitness club or workouts. I am just trying to explain to you how this works. First of all remember you are not an actor/actress or any sort of bodybuilder and this is not your bread and butter because you look at a certain celebrity and decide if she can do it why can’t I. Remember she has got an entire team to look after her nutrition, water intake, diet chart, food timings and of course their needed workout. If you are just a normal person who wants to lose fat and build strength then you have to give yourself some time and dedication. 

Working out in a gym for 2, 3 or 4 hours may be won’t make much change because what matters most is what you eat in the next 20-21 hours and that really makes a difference as your body nutrition is the way to get those killer abs. You might have heard it many times that abs are made in the kitchen and trust me this is so true and always remember you can never overtrain a bad diet. Now there is some myth being sold in the market in the name of diet wherein you have to starve yourself and workout hard so you can get an amazing result.

First of all, doing lots of cardio doesn’t help in fat loss rather your muscle tissues gets damaged and secondly if you don’t take proper nutrition you will not be able to sustain a healthy body and you will become weak and hence you won’t be able to workout more. Also you would get so much cravings, your skin will start to age and you would witness a lot of hairfall. While on the other hand if you eat properly, take proper rest, look after your nutritional requirements and drink 4 litres of water everyday then everything would work and you would feel so better. 

Your body would look much defined if you focus more on weights rather than the cardio and when you sleep properly your body is well prepared and gets good time to recover well so you can workout well again.

I am also a fitness freak and I love working out but I prefer to listen to my body before working out and to be honest I mostly workout 5 days a week and daily it is around 90-120 mins so in total 500 mins a week. I have been working out since 2009 and the endurance and stamina has been gained over years. 

Initially it was all cardio like running for hours on treadmill but with time I realised the benefits of lifting weights and now I have a personal coach to look after me while I train. It’s good to workout under some supervision as you may hurt yourself. As I am a mother of one I don’t get to sleep enough so I don’t workout the next because my body looks for rest and for me this body is my house where my soul resides and I cannot punish this house because of its size. Yes it took me a long time to understand this self love but trust me guys this is the best feeling where you can actually interact with your ownself. 

After delivering my daughter I weighed 103 kgs and I felt so bad that I avoided going out and meeting family or friends. Everyone treated me as if gaining weight was such a crime and everyone looked at me with so much sympathy that I don’t have exact words to describe. Now I don’t even look at scale because I am not working out to reach a specific size rather I workout to be healthy. I can run for an hour, lift a good amount of weight and people look at me as an inspiration and that is all that matters to me now.

I suggest each one of you to start slow. This is an unending process and we have to do it throughout our lifetime. Don’t feel bad what others think of you as we are not responsible for their actions and beliefs. If you are obese, try with walk and start moving every half an hour. Join a fitness centre and workout under some good supervision and try looking at what you eat because food is the only way of nutrition for our body. Taking a good amount of rest is as crucial as diet and exercise. Love yourself as this is your body and this is the only place where you have to live for the rest of your life so appreciate every single thing you do.

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