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Is Walking Also Exercise

There is so much confusion in a lot of people regarding exercise and being physically active. Walking is not considered as an exercise but yes it is a great form of physical activity and people who are beginners or who are looking forward to starting their fitness journey can always start with walking. Walking even though it is not a very intense form of exercise but yes it is a good form of activity for cardiovascular health or in simple terms we can say heart health. If you are starting your fitness or weight loss journey try walking everyday for 30 minutes either as soon as you wake up or it can also be done at any point of time whenever it is comfortable and convenient for you. Walking burns around 150-200 calories in an hour and any person who is following a sedentary lifestyle can see many benefits from it.Walking can help you add fitness to your life by making your heart health good, prevent many diseases, extend your life and also boosts your happy hormones. So, even though it is not something very intense but is very easy to do and is very much affordable for each one of us. 

Walking for beginners?

While walking is good for beginners to start their fitness journey, at the same time running or sprinting is a great form of exercise and burns double the calories than you do through walking everyday. 

Is Running Better than Walking?

As far as my knowledge goes and research suggests that walking and running are good for the body but at the same time remember running is a good form of exercise and burns double the calories than walking. Running not only helps to increase the overall stamina of your health but at the same time also helps to stay in shape and build stronger legs. Your body witnesses huge changes when you run everyday at least 5 kms at a good pace. 

How to include walking daily?

On the other hand walking is underestimated but it’s benefits are endless and if possible include some walking in your everyday life. If possible try walking to the office if it is possible or while going out for grocery shopping. Walking post dinner is also considered great and days when you really want to enjoy nature just go out and walk around. Sometimes it’s good to disconnect from your social life and reconnect with nature. 

Sprinting vs Running which is way better?

Before I dig deep into which of these are better for us let’s first understand what exactly is sprinting and how it helps us. Personally I feel there is no comparison between any two forms of exercises but yes let’s go ahead and see how they both work.

Let’s understand what is sprinting?

“Sprinting is running over a short distance at the top-most speed of the body in a limited period of time”. It is mainly a sport and is done by fitness enthusiasts and is gaining major popularity these days between all fitness influencers. People run at their best speed for a certain period of time and then walk for a short span of time and continue doing it. It is mostly done to reap the most of the benefits of running and of course when you really don’t have much time on your watch.

Sprinting is one of the most explosive exercises we can include in our fitness regimen. It’s actually a complete total-body workout which mainly targets butt, hips, hamstrings, quads, calves and abs, that helps to build long, lean muscle and of course increases the overall fitness. 

If you are really looking forward to build endurance for the rest of your life including weight loss then you should focus more on running and yes of course sometimes you can try sprinting too but at the same time sprinting is for people who are looking forward to lose weight quickly and of course it always helps you get fitter and better.

What should I prefer Walking or Sprinting?

So, try something that you are comfortable with. You can always start with walking and eventually add running and later once your body allows then add sprinting too. Fitness has to be for a lifetime so don’t look for shortcuts. Keep going guys.

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