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Keep Yourself Hydrated

There is always a question in everyone’s mind how much water do I need to drink? As much as you feel it’s enough for you and more you exercise or sweat more, you should hydrate yourself more. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to drink only 4 L of water everyday.

Our body is made up of 70% water so drink enough water and that is the bottom line. I always look at my Urine color to make it out whether I am well hydrated or not. If it is clear I am good in terms of hydration but if it is yellow that surely means I m not drinking enough water.

Many people find hard to drink plain water so you can do something like adding a lemon to it or may be you can make some detox drinks and can sip on it. You can also have coconut water as it is also water. But you can’t include soft drinks, alcohol, soda, tea and coffee and consider it to a source of hydration. Strictly no as they do not consist of any nutritional value though green tea is exceptional but then don’t load up too much caffeine so do not drink too much caffeine based green teas.

Now don’t get me wrong, drinking enough water really doesn’t mean that you should drink around 10 L of water a day because that will get you hyper hydration, over hydration or water toxemia which may even cause coma and deaths. I will surely talk about it in a different article. So overdoing anything is not good and we just need to be hydrated to flush out toxins out of our body.

Drinking water half an hour prior to any meal reduces hunger pangs and you won’t over eat. Sometimes we even misunderstand thirst to hunger so it is always a good idea to drink a glass of water before reaching out to your food. This is what I always do and I rarely overeat 🙂

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