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Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal and it is okay to gain weight. Nowadays women are becoming more conscious about their pregnancy and post pregnancy health which is really good but at the same time during pregnancy it’s best for all women to focus on their health and their fetus health rather than focusing on weight loss.

Why is it so hard to lose weight after having a baby?

As I said, it’s okay to gain weight during pregnancy but at the same time gaining too much weight is not good. You should only gain healthy weight so gaining around 10-15 kgs throughout your pregnancy is good but anything above 20 kgs is alarming and we should avoid it. If you don’t gain too much weight during pregnancy then you won’t have to struggle to lose it later. So, how can you control your weight gain during pregnancy.

First of all try to eat healthy and nutritious food and yes you can satisfy your cravings as well, just don’t eat way too much. Controlling your portion size helps a lot and don’t forget about hydration. Drink plenty of water and if you really just can’t stay on water then add coconut water, lemon water and other healthy juices too. When you hydrate yourself properly you don’t get too much cravings. 

Apart from eating healthy and hydrating yourself you should also focus on some healthy workouts as well. Nowadays many workout videos are available online and you can just follow them and in case you are not sure then you can simply start walking for an hour everyday, aim to cover 10k steps everyday. Prenatal yoga is also best for ladies who are trying to go for normal delivery. More fit you stay during your pregnancy less problems you have to face through your labor time.

When do you start losing weight post partum?

Once you have delivered your baby, never rush into losing all post pregnancy weight rather you should focus more on your rest and healing time. After 9 months of going through an intense change your body needs a good amount of time to heal and rest. So, after delivering your body try to sleep well and also eat well. Food is the major fuel for your body so while taking rest make sure that you are also eating right after all you are also feeding your baby and you should not at any cost compromise on your newborn’s health. 

When to start exercising post pregnancy?

You won’t have too much strength post delivery to exercise intensely but yes after talking to your doctor you can start exercising once again. Start slowly and try adding different forms of workout to your routine. It will take time but yes you will lose all those unnecessary weight within some time and your body will be toned as well.

So, enjoy your pregnancy and don’t worry about losing your post pregnancy weight. Enjoy and have a happy pregnancy.

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