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Every hour of the day there is one client I get to see and talk to who is very unhappy with their body as well as life and they use hate words and abuse themselves just because they are not certain shape and size.

Sometimes I do listen to them and sometimes when I realise that they are using too many hate languages then I get to stop them and remind them that it’s all you that you are talking about.

One question I always ask people on their very first client call is, ‘Can you define yourselves in minimum words?” and I always get to hear answers like yeah I am worthless, I am pointless, I am such a mess, I hate my body, Nobody Loves me, I am miserable, To fat, too dark and the list goes on and on.

There are very few who don’t use such hate words for themselves and the reason being they are people with a positive mindset or they know where they are going in life. If you don’t approve and accept yourself then how do you expect others to do so?

Your dress size, colour, skin tone, height, weight or anything for that matter doesn’t define your worth and if someone says that you should be a certain weight or size to be loved then trust me this is not the person you are looking forward to start a relationship with.

I don’t advocate that you should eat junk foods, should not exercise or should follow an unhealthy lifestyle rather it’s the opposite. I believe you should do everything you love and what your body allows you to. Your life shouldn’t be all focused on a particular dress size or certain way you want to look like. Don’t let social media fool you, what you see over there has nothing to do with you because you are doing great with all the resources available.

Eating healthy is a great task and it should be performed daily like a ritual but don’t miss out on special moments when you can spend some great family time over dinner. Find yourself any exercise routine that you like. It doesn’t mean that you have to join a gym to look a certain shape. Embrace every moment of your life because ultimately life is all about those precious memories  that you create.

So stop tolerating anything that doesn’t help you grow. Look out for yourself and watch your own back. You got this.

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