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Mindful Eating: The Best Diet Plan

I am very against of any specific diet plans and I always believe that food is the only source of nutrition and what we eat we become. If you eat a fruit then after entering your stomach it is no longer that fruit, it gets dissolved in your body and gives you the nutrition that it carries.

So never go for any sort of diet plan which promises you quick fixes or quick weight loss wherein they ask you to avoid all carbohydrates or they attach you to any specific food group to achieve a certain number on weighing scale.

I won’t lie, I have been there tried many yo-yo diets but after facing the consequences I realized that we should always do something that we can do through out our life and we should always remember that we cannot limit the nutrition of the body and hence not the food as well.

What exactly is Mindful Eating?

It’s true we should eat food but what we eat matters a lot. So here is the game. Always eat food that is nourishing and of course we all know what I am talking about. If you have to make a choice between a banana and a burger, what would you prefer? Some people who think that okay I will eat a burger now and won’t eat my dinner today so that I can balance the calorie intake. But, is that right? Of course not.

A banana is a complete food in itself and is very reasonable so anyone can afford it whereas a burger carries only blank calories. On the other hand banana has lots of nutritional value which will help your body. So whenever you choose a food just choose it wisely and yes once in a while you can always cheat. Smaller steps can always take you a long way and once you get used to it you will feel better.

In conclusion, you don’t need a diet plan. You just need to do mindful eating to stay fit and healthy.

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