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Oil Pulling And It’s Benefits

Ayurveda has given a lot of knowledge to each and every human being but with modern age and being so scientific we prepare to incline towards modern science ignoring ayurveda and its vast benefits. But with time people are now realising that there is no harm following such practice and methods which are not only affordable but are also helpful in the long run. So, one of the recent trends that you can see online these days is oil pulling and how everyone is talking about it but this is not something that came into practise recently it has been there for a very long period of time. 

What is Oil pulling?

Oil pulling is a practise in which an edible oil is swished around the mouth for a certain period of time and then spat out, basically the way you use mouthwash just switch it with an edible oil preferably coconut oil edible one. It is basically done to promote oral hygiene and to get rid of bacteria from the mouth.

How long should I do Oil pulling?

It is recommended to do it for 10 mins everyday, just make sure you don’t swallow it or take it inside by mistake.

What is the best time to do oil pulling?

The best time to do oil pulling is early morning as soon as you wake up and later brush your teeth so that you don’t find your teeth greasy later or any aftertaste for that matter.

Does it help dental health?

Though there is no scientific research associated with the use of oil pulling to help with cavities, ayurveda and many people claim it, due to lack of study dentists won’t approve it.

Which is the best oil for doing oil pulling?

Coconut oil is considered to be the best oil for doing oil pulling as it has multiple benefits and may help to get rid of harmful bacteria in the mouth which causes tooth decay, gum diseases or bad breath. 

How long can I continue doing it?

If it isn’t harming you or is too expensive on your pocket you can continue doing it as a ritual like bruising and bathing.

Hope this article helps all those who really want to know how oil pulling helps.

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