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One Meal A Day (OMAD)

What is OMAD?

An advanced version of Intermittent Fasting which is gaining popularity nowadays is OMAD where you get to eat only one meal in a complete day. So, to be precise we can say that one has to fast for 23 hours and in a one hour window you have to take one complete meal. 

What should I eat in OMAD?

Try to eat the best food you can and try to meet your daily requirements through that meal. People usually prefer to eat eggs,cheese,dairy products, meats and highly nutritious foods. Avoid sugary and high starch foods. Drinking too much sugar right after fast may spike your blood sugar levels. Try to make your meal healthy and nutritious.

Who should avoid OMAD?

Children, elderly people, pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers and people with severe health conditions or with diabetes should not try the OMAD diet as it is not healthy for the above people and would cause more harm than good. Anyone below the age of 18 should never try any extreme sort of fat loss or diet methods.

Is OMAD a good diet?

Everyone has their own views when it comes to OMAD and intermittent fasting and as far as my personal experience is concerned I believe this sort of diet is good in the short term and can’t be followed throughout the life. It may even affect the metabolic rate of individuals so people with various diseases should not try these sorts of diets. It is often seen that people tend to binge eat or overeat in that one hour window so it is not sustainable to do such an extreme diet.

Can I eat anything on an OMAD diet?

It is said that you can eat anything you wish you want in that one hour window but practically the human body has various nutritional requirements and we can’t overlook it. So, even though you are following an OMAD diet it is advisable to eat healthy and nutritious food.

Can I lose weight with the OMAD diet?

Yes you can lose weight with an OMAD diet but you have to make sure that you are meeting your nutritional requirements. You can see a gradual fat loss throughout your entire body.

Can I do an OMAD diet forever?

It is not advised to do this diet forever; rather you can do it for a week or two and then switch back to your regular eating pattern and you would see much better results. 

Extreme of anything is not good so it’s best you get your health evaluations done before trying such diet.

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